CoLOS Traceability software for packaging lines delivers prepackaged sets of functionality which meets the unique needs of operators, supervisors, analysts and maintenance personnel across a wide range of industries who rely on flexible and efficient packaging line operations.

CoLOS Insite – Unified data/templates controlled at enterprise, distributed to plant and line for printer monitoring/control

  • Multiple lines or multiple plants.
  • Faster changeovers.
  • Reduce rework due to code or PID errors.
  • Ensure “right” information on “right” package.

CoLOS Pallet Track – Automated handling of the continuous flow for full, partial and exception pallets

  • Inventory control and visibility.
  • Unique pallet numbering for focused recalls.
  • Reduce labor with improved labeling accuracy.
  • Avoid industry compliance fines.
CoLOS Coding Integrity – The right product in the right package with the right code verified, proven and reported
  • Control inventory.
  • Verify code compliance and accuracy to product.
  • Avoid industry or regulatory fines.
  • Reduces rework and packaging consumption.

CoLOS Packaging Line Traceability – Tracking the complete product flow at the packaging line from the semi-manufactured goods to the palletized product.

  • Precise recalls.
  • Comply with Anti-Terrorism Act, EU Food Laws and other regulatory demands.
  • Track "one level up" and "one level down“.
  • Minimizes counterfeiting and diversion.
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