A major pillar of Markem-Imaje’s sustainable development policy has been to improve the environmental performance of its offices and production facilities as compared to their 2010 baseline levels.  This ambitious program of continuous improvement is delivering tangible results every year.

2017 manufacturing site results

29% less energy* through initiatives to improve efficiency including:

  • ventilation systems, 
  • LED lamp swap-out campaigns, 
  • heat recovery systems, 
  • staff training,
  • consumption monitoring.

18% less waste** via:

  • a proactive identification of alternative activities and practices within the waste stream process.

31% less water** consumption achieved through:

  • innovative recycling processes applied all along the manufacturing process, 
  • a reduction in cooling water demand.

2017 results across all sites

40% less greenhouse gas emissions*** via investments:

  • in alternative heating equipment such as solar heaters, 
  • to replace heavy fuel boilers with propane, 
  • to promote more efficient transportation modes.

*Metrics are based on production activity (tonnage shipped) and building footprint (square meters occupied) 

** Metrics are based on production activity (tonnage shipped) 

***Metrics are based greenhouse emissions divided by company revenue. The idea is to provide a balance between the evolution of greenhouse gas emissions versus the impact on sales.

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