Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

At Markem-Imaje, we believe that green business is good business.

That’s why Markem-Imaje is committed to creating economic value for customers through sustainable practices that protect the long term well-being of the environment. From greenhouse gas and waste reductions, to increased energy efficiency, Markem-Imaje is striving to meet the global environmental needs of today and tomorrow. As a worldwide manufacturer of marking and coding solutions, we are ideally positioned to make a positive difference on a large scale.
Markem-Imaje has embarked on a long-term commitment to operational excellence. Our success and progress will be gauged by metrics which will be applied to each of our platforms. Metrics include reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, volatile organic compounds (VOC), water and energy consumption and landfill utilization. In addition to being socially responsible, leaving a smaller environmental footprint gives us the power to reduce operational costs and maximize profitability.
Our commitment extends from achieving operational milestones, to answering the needs of our customers. By utilizing Markem-Imaje solutions, our customers not only realize cost savings, but also take important steps towards fulfilling their own goals of social and environmental responsibility.

EHS Policy


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